For those of you still looking for a way to get your hands on a PS5, a new avenue has opened up that may offer you a decent chance to snag one of the consoles for the holidays. Sony has introduced a program where you can sign up for a chance to buy a console directly from the source.

In preparation for the holiday season, Sony is running a promotion that will help some players have the opportunity to purchase a PS5 console. The company says it has a limited number of PlayStation 5s that are available to customers in the US You will have to sign up through the landing page above for a chance to purchase.

It seems that Sony has prepared this promotion as a way to give PlayStation customers the opportunity to finally get a PS5 for the first time. The company says it is looking at PlayStation’s past activity and interests when making its decision on who can buy.

For those who receive an invite, they will be limited to one console. However, you will also have the opportunity to buy a bunch of accessories, including controllers, a PS5 multimedia remote, and some headphones.

You will also need to have a PlayStation Network account in order to sign up for a chance to get a new PS5. PlayStation says it will begin sending invitations to select users starting in November. If chosen, you will receive an email to the address associated with your PlayStation Network account.

This program is a decent way to try to get a PS5 console. It looks like the console will continue to be in short supply for the near future. This promotion gives you the opportunity to get a console directly from the source. It’s best to avoid any ridiculous resellers and programs like the one Best Buy currently has, if you can.

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