You like surprises? Of course, everyone likes surprises, what a question. And do you like Square Enix games? Well, if the answer has also been affirmative, we are on the right track. You only need 7 euros if you want to participate in the mysterious gift that the Japanese company keeps for Christmas and that will arrive in the form of a surprise box with seven download keys for as many PC games.

Square Enix repeats in its store this initiative that you already have signs of becoming such a Christmas tradition as the polvorones or the raffles on the Cascajares capon radio station. And is that for those 7 euros you will receive content valued at more than 65 euros, which is no small feat. Of course, you will not know what games they are until December 20 arrives and you receive your box. Now, do you keep your games for Christmas or do you choose the contents of the surprise box?


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