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Star analyst: Apple’s iPhone 6c won’t boost sales

Star analyst: Apple’s iPhone 6c won’t boost sales

The rumors are growing: unlike in previous years, Apple is likely to introduce a new iPhone model at the beginning of the year – but only an outdated version of the 4-inch model. Above all, Apple shareholders shouldn’t expect too much from the new iPhone, speculates Piper Jaffray star analyst Gene Munster – the sales potential of the new iPhone is limited

The new year could start unusually eventful for Apple fans: Instead of slowly ringing in the usual nine-month countdown to the annual iPhone launch in September, 2016 could start with a bang.

As the Chinese blog Techweb claims to have found out, Apple plans to present a new smartphone as early as January, which will then go on sale in February as a 4-inch iPhone 6c and primarily offer customers who are interested in smaller smartphones an incentive to buy .

Piper Jaffray: iPhone 6c does not generate any new sales impulses

The always well-informed KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo agrees with the forecast in broad terms and predicts a launch of the new, small iPhone in the first quarter. The actual innovation of the 6s series, the pressure-sensitive 3D Touch display, will probably be withheld from the iPhone 6c, as will a 12-megapixel camera, assumes analyst Kuo, who expects a starting price between 400 and 500 dollars.

At the upper end of the price range, the iPhone 6c would cost as much as the current 4-inch model 5s, which is offered for the still quite steep price of 499 euros in the entry-level version with 16 GB. Star analyst Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray, who, according to indications from the supply chain, also considers a launch of the iPhone 6c to be plausible, does not therefore believe that the new iPhone can generate great sales impulses.

Gene Munster: Only those who own a 4-inch iPhone will use the iPhone 6s

According to a survey by the investment bank, only 20 percent of the users surveyed indicated that they were interested in the 4-inch iPhone. And in the end it could be even less: “The 20 percent is likely to come from the fact that a corresponding number of users still own a 4-inch old model.

But once you have upgraded to a 4.7 inch iPhone, you will hardly go back, ”says Munster, seeing few sales arguments for an iPhone 6c. Except: “Apple then continuously updated its iPhone line.” The 19-month-old iPhone 5s, which looks like the 31-month-old iPhone (Launch: September 2012), actually looks like a foreign body with its 2013 model.

For the most valuable corporation in the world, Munster remains optimistic: The Piper Jaffray analyst had raised his target price for Apple shares to $ 179 after the latest quarterly balance sheet at the end of October. That would correspond to a price potential of at least 50 percent. The Apple share has seen an ups and downs in 2015 and is currently trading almost at the previous year’s level.