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Starbreeze is in trouble, it’s not guaranteed to work


Starbreeze is in trouble, it’s not guaranteed to work

Starbreeze’s financial report for the last quarter has been released, showing that the Swedish publisher will be able to operate for about another year unless it raises money.

Starbreeze’s **** process wasn’t over: Overkill’s The Walking Dead didn’t bring financial success, the company was abandoned by its executives and people were arrested. The financial report for the first quarter of 2019 was released the other day, revealing that the trouble is bigger than anyone thought so far. Starbreeze can run for another year unless you make money.

Recently, the developer-publisher has lost more than SEK 120,000, of which the studio writes in a press release: “Starbreeze and some of its subsidiaries have been undergoing a reorganization since 3 December 2018. The company does not currently have sufficient financial resources to operate properly in the next period. If we don’t make money, the deficit will be in mid-2019, which could make Starbreeze impossible. ”

And Mikael Nermark, the head of the studio, stated that his most important task now is to keep the Starbreeze team together in this challenging period and ensure the company is running. He claims all their hopes are in PayDay 2, which could help the company survive. “As soon as our financial stability is restored, we will be able to anticipate and present a strategy that could be the basis for future operations.” The driver added.

Do you think there is enough potential in PayDay 2 for Starbreeze to reach its goal?