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“Start creating” – Apple’s new campaign

“Start creating” – Apple’s new campaign

Earlier this week, Apple launched a new campaign on its Japanese sites called “Start creating”, today the campaign also started on Polish sites.

Apple’s new ‘Start Something New’ campaign features people who use the latest Apple products and creative iOS mobile apps to create art.

The new campaign has been expanded to include several other countries, including the United States and many others in Europe and Asia – including Poland.

A special campaign subpage Start creating is a micro art gallery with works made on Apple devices such as: iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iMac. Applications such as VSCO Cam, iDraw, Procreate, Waterlogue and Brushes 3 were used to perform the work, which are also described on the subpages.

Apple also presents individual stories of the creators of the presented works. Japanese artist Nomoco, for example, uses the iPad Air 2 and the Brushes 3 app to create his amazing images.

Nomoco creates organically using the sense of touch. She is inspired by movement and light, and her gesture can be guided, for example, by the way a drop of paint splashes. Therefore, when she first reached for digital tools, she also painted with her fingers. In the Brushes 3 app on the iPad Air 2, she managed to create this series of subtle images – just as she imagined them to be.

Other artists such as Marcelo Gomes and Jingyao Guo use different photo manipulation applications, sketching stylized drawings from photos. Several photographers like Jared Chambers and Christian Weber use VSCO’s photo editing app, and videographers Matt Pyke and Thayer Allyson Gowdy use iMovie and Final Cut Pro for video editing.

Apple’s “Get Started” campaign is very similar to the previous one, which tells the stories of people using iPad in their daily life and work.

source: Apple