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Stored in cinemas by Aladdin

Stored in cinemas by Aladdin

Directed by Guy Ritchie, we think it’s the best Disney remake of all time and viewers around the world share this view.

It’s a long weekend right now in America, which is an exceptional opportunity to increase revenue for first-weekend movies. And Aladdin seems to be taking full advantage of this opportunity. Opus, who was doomed at first because of Will Smith’s bluish appearance, is an unprecedented success in Guy Ritchie’s career. ).

Guy Ritchie’s directing has raised $ 207 million so far worldwide (86 of which are overseas alone), with this year’s Revenge: Endgame and Captain Marvel alone performing better on their first weekend. Over the weekend, two other blockbusters managed to increase their revenue significantly: John Wick, who also praised the audience, is in second place on the podium, and Parabellum, who is already generating gigabytes, is in third place.

By the way, Guy Ritchie is already working on new films: he will soon return to his favorite genre and come out with a gangster theater next January, and in December 2021, the long-awaited third episode of Sherlock Holmes, which will also be directed by him, will be shown.