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Stranger Things and Beyond: Two Souls share these similarities

Stranger Things and Beyond: Two Souls share these similarities


What do the stories of Stranger Things and Beyond: Two Souls have in common beyond being a narrative with supernatural overtones? Well, beyond this theme, there are similarities that cannot be denied. Be careful, if you have not seen the series yet, we recommend that you do not continue reading, since you could find some key in the plot of Stranger Things that we prefer to discover enjoying in its eight chapters. La Casa de El has been in charge of compiling some of these similarities between the video game and Netflix fiction.

Well, those of you who have seen the series will know that the character of Once is that of a girl who has been torn from the hand of her mother, a parent who was subjected to various experiments to explore the limits of the mind. Does this remind you of anything? Indeed, Jodie in Beyond: Two Souls was also the fruit of the womb of a woman subjected to various tests.

This is just the beginning of the similarities, as Eleven from Stanger Things and Jodie from Beyond: Two Souls subsequently share the same fate: to be the subject of new investigations by a super-secret organization that still wants to know more about the limits of the world. mind.

But the thing does not end there. Eleven and Jodie share supernatural powers, which, when used, cause bleeding and excessive fatigue in their noses as a result of overexertion. And of course, neither of the “parents” of these girls is actually related to them and both are members of these research teams who want to harness the girls’ powers for their own benefit.

Impressed? Well, it doesn’t end there. Those of you who have played Beyond: Two Souls will remember a scene in which a disoriented, shaved Jodie who wears a medical patient’s gown escapes from her internment and meets a sheriff who tries to calm her down to find out her story. A story that is too reminiscent of the beginning of Once in Stranger Things, who begins her participation in this series by fleeing the complex where she was being studied and ends up meeting the beloved owner of a hamburger who tries to reassure her and find out what has happened to her.

By the way, both Eleven and Jodie are dressed almost identical in both scenes, a similarity to which not even the costumes escape. On the other hand, Stranger Thins and Beyond: Two Souls share other more general aspects, such as the inability of both girls to have a social life because of their captivity or the use of their powers to give a lesson to their “bullies”.

The truth is that Stranger Things has been inspired by a multitude of movies and series, as we tell you in this compilation of winks. Why wouldn’t it have been inspired by a video game as successful as Beyond: Two Souls?