Campaign aims to reinforce the brand image and highlight the current market positioning

ZipCode, a provider of information for direct marketing, credit, collection and anti-fraud, invested in a marketing campaign to celebrate ten years of its presence in the market.

The campaign has a 100% digital focus, and will feature email marketing pieces and a special hotsite for the occasion. The channel brings information about ZipCode and the company’s ten-year history, in addition to the commemorative video, presenting the main concepts of the brand, relating them to major events of the last decade and the company’s development. The action will also consist of six pieces of e-mail marketing to be sent to a base of more than 10 thousand names, including customers, partners, prospects and collaborators. The pieces will tell, in chapters, a little of the trajectory and the main pillars of the company. Created in partnership with the Unittá agency, ZipCode’s ten-year campaign aims to reinforce the brand’s image and highlight the current market positioning.


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