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  5. Sushi orders online in Iceland are delivered in 4 minutes with a drone

Sushi orders online in Iceland are delivered in 4 minutes with a drone

Sushi orders online in Iceland are delivered in 4 minutes with a drone

We have been talking for a long time about the possibility that Amazon begins to distribute its orders in some areas with a drone, something that has already begun to be a reality in some cities, but which is still in the development phase at the moment. However, in other cities like Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, the delivery of Japanese food with a drone is now a reality. The Flytrex company has developed a drone that allows to distribute this type of food directly, a drone that automatically moves to the location that has previously been registered in the application that manages it, reducing delivery times as well as travel costs in a vehicle.

The Japanese restaurant that offers this service, Aha, offers us through its website, information on all the products that can be shipped via droneNot all the Japanese women who make this restaurant can be carried on this device. At the time of ordering, you can request the delivery with a drone to see if the area is compatible with the area that it covers and the waiting time is displayed. When the drone is in the air, an SMS is sent to the client so that they can go out to pick up the order.

Flytrex’s main motivation for creating this new delivery system and the rapid adoption by this restaurant is the geography of the city, a geography that forces citizens to travel great distances to be able to go from one side of the city to the other, reducing the delivery time to about 4 minutes, from the 25 minutes that the delivery initially took by car. At the moment, this delivery system is limited to a very small area, since it is necessary for the customer to have a large enough area where the drone can land for the customer to collect their food.

The drone used is a DJI Matrice 600, a model that can only carry up to 3 kilograms and make routes of up to 2 miles in a straight line. The company affirms that it is working to expand the scope of this service to be able to make deliveries directly to homes, instead of as before.