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Sustainability will determine service in the future


Sustainability will determine service in the future

In the areas of the environment and energy, transport and logistics as well as traffic and mobility, customers will place particular emphasis on sustainability in the future. This is the conclusion of an online survey by the X Institute for Communication and Service Design.

94 percent of the survey participants from management, marketing, sales and service are convinced that ecology and sustainability will gain in importance in services. They assume that appropriate action on the part of the company will have positive effects on the image and at the same time lead to an increase in awareness.

In their opinion, companies will have to address the following issues: reducing risks to people and the environment (94 percent), contributing to active environmental protection (88 percent) and fairness in social areas (88 percent). In particular, companies from the energy & environment (26 percent), transport & logistics (22 percent) and traffic & mobility (22 percent) sectors will have to do something to meet the desire for ecological sustainability.

Respondents believe that this can best be achieved by building service centers (29 percent), sharing services (24 percent) and connecting to alternative lifestyles (twelve percent). Customers will be involved in the design of green services, probably through collaboration via social media (29 percent) or through so-called communities of innovation (21 percent).

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