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Switch to the classic Devil May Cry

Switch to the classic Devil May Cry

According to Capcom, the first original Devil May Cry will visit Nintendo’s latest console later this summer.

The Nintendo Switch hasn’t been visited by a single headline in recent years, just think of Wolfenstein or Doom, and now it looks like the console’s build could soon be expanded with a real cult game. Capcom recently announced the arrival of its first Devil May Cry Switch.

Devil May Cry originally appeared on the PlayStation 2 back in 2001, launching a defining and relevant series to this day, which just got a great sequel to Devil May Cry 5. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything specific yet about the exact release date and price, but we probably won’t have to wait long, as Capcom has promised to make its debut on Twitter this summer.

Relive the adventure that introduced the legendary Dante to the world with the original Devil May Cry, coming to #NintendoSwitch this Summer. pic.twitter.com/Hh8hFDnLQK

– Devil May Cry 5 (@DevilMayCry) May 6, 2019