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Tablet users want to surf the web quickly

Tablet users want to surf the web quickly

Tablet PC users place high demands on the performance of websites: 70 percent expect a URL to be loaded within two seconds or less. However, 40 percent already had problems when they accessed websites from their tablet PC. Around a third do not make online purchases from sites with which they have had bad experiences. Slow loading times are the most common problem with 66 percent, followed by crashes (44 percent) and problems with website functions (42 percent) or formats (40 percent).

For the underlying study “Engaging the Tablet User: What They Expect From Websites”, the market research company Equation Research surveyed more than 2,000 tablet PC users worldwide, 200 of them from Germany alone, on behalf of Compuware, a leading specialist in Performance technology. According to the company, this is the world’s first study of the expectations of users of tablet PCs with regard to the performance of websites. Tablet users expect websites and transactions to work properly. They are shaped by years of experience with powerful desktop PCs on fast Internet sites such as Amazon or Google. The survey shows that tablet users want to access online at least as quickly as on a stationary PC at work or on a laptop at home.

Other results are as follows: 46 percent of tablet PC users who have had a bad experience with a website switch to a competitor’s website. 35 percent of users are unlikely to visit this website from any other platform. 33 percent think it is rather unlikely that they will make a purchase with this company. Because almost half of all Internet users who use a tablet PC only repeat the process on a website once or twice if it does not work.