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Tailor-made sounds – the new Clam Elite Fresh ‘n Rebel wireless headphones

Tailor-made sounds – the new Clam Elite Fresh ‘n Rebel wireless headphones

H.The Dutch brand Fresh ‘n Rebel presents another novelty – wireless headphones Clam Elite with digital active noise reduction and a dedicated Personal Sound application that allows you to adjust the sounds played through the headphones to the individual preferences of the listener. What else distinguishes the new, top model from the Clam line?

Each of us perceives low, medium and high frequencies slightly differently. Some people hear the treble better, while others are more sensitive to the bass. These differences in perceiving sounds prompted the Dutch brand to create a model of headphones in which the recipient can fully enjoy their favorite music according to their own listening preferences. All thanks to installing and using the Personal Sound application. How it’s working?

Sound Personalization – Create a personal profile in Personal Sound

The Personal Sound application used by Fresh ‘n Rebel, when paired with Clam Elite headphones, first tests our hearing at all frequencies. During the 3-minute test, sounds are played at different volume levels for both the left and right ear. Based on which tones are more audible and which are inaudible, a personal profile is created in which the frequencies are boosted or lowered. In this way, the Clam Elite model offers users maximum sound personalization and a perfect match to the listener. Therefore, the product will appeal to people who do not like compromises and are looking for the best, subjectively assessed sound quality. The application is available for both Android and iOS phone owners.

Top-level performance

The analog Active Noise Canceling (ANC) on the lower Clam models only uses one microphone per earpiece (to reduce mostly bass tones). For Clam Elite equipped with Digital Active Noise Canceling, the microphone is located on both the inside and outside of each ear cup. The computer chip and the insulating shape of the earpieces also provide excellent noise reduction. Due to the reduction of a greater range of sound frequencies (up to 34 dB), the noise practically does not escape to the outside. Like one of the lower models – Clam ANC DGTL – the Clam Elite allows you to be aware of your surroundings, performing the exact opposite of Active Noise Canceling. The microphones on the outside of the earcups amplify surrounding sounds or voices, so we can hear everything around us even better while listening to music without removing the headphones. This ensures safety when using headphones in traffic.

Beautiful, functional and different than the others

Unlike other Clam models, the Clam Elite headphones are designed in not six but three colors: cool blue (Steel Blue), dark gray (Storm Gray) and gold (Silky Sand). New from Fresh ‘n Rebel can boast up to 40 hours of non-stop music listening (if you do not use digital ANC and 30 hours if you use it). This means that on a single charge we can fly, for example, from Amsterdam to Rio de Janeiro and back, or use the device for a whole week at work (40 hours). In addition, Clam Elite is equipped with useful functionalities such as automatic pause (the music stops playing as soon as we take the headphones off, and when we put them back on, the music will continue where it was interrupted) and touch control. The latter makes it easy to touch the logo on the right earbud to control music, volume, phone calls and the voice assistant (Siri and Google Assistant).

User comfort comes first

Clam Elite are very comfortable to wear thanks to the innovative shape of the headband, the soft layer of protein leather and the moisture-absorbing cushions. After listening, we can fold the headphones and put them in the included case. At the same time, nothing prevents you from wearing them comfortably around the neck – also in this matter they perfectly match the shape of the arms and chest. In the set, apart from the case, we also find a charging cable (USB-C) and an audio cable (3.5 mm). The headphones are light – 260 grams and the charging time is 4 hours.

Clam Elite Fresh ‘n Rebel in June 2021 will be available for purchase in the best Polish electronics stores. The price is PLN 899. More information at https://www.freshnrebel.com

Tailor-made sounds – the new Clam Elite Fresh ‘n Rebel wireless headphones