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Take part in the 10th edition of the Golden Marketing Conference

Take part in the 10th edition of the Golden Marketing Conference

Marketing 2022 – activities based on artificial intelligence. Have we entered a new era of marketing? GMC conference on April 21-22!

We have been hearing about digital transformation for at least several years. In the last two, Polish companies have made a huge leap in the digitization process. This situation is significantly influenced by the pandemic, during which Polish entrepreneurs are looking for new ways to reach a potential customer.

The potential of artificial intelligence is increasingly recognized in Poland. Data from The People & Technology Report 2022 shows that nearly 30% of organizations already use AI algorithms to improve communication with customers and increase the quality of products or services. However, coming soon
this group will more than double. Almost 40% of companies declare their willingness to implement solutions based on artificial intelligence.

Therefore, during the jubilee, Of the 10th edition of the Golden Marketing Conference one of the main themes will be the use of AI in marketing activities. We will tell
about how artificial intelligence helps in customer service, data collection and analytics. We will pay attention to the metaverse, which has been changed recently by all cases, and we will discuss the interpenetration of the online and offline worlds. Our experts will also tell you about the development of the e-commerce industry, including q-commerce and live commerce.

This year’s edition will be unique for several more reasons.

Golden Marketing Conference is a project that has built a leading position among marketing events for almost 7 years of operation. Editions in Poznań, Warsaw and Katowice gathered thousands of marketers eager for knowledge, and three editions of the free online conference “GMC Live!” made it possible to reach over 26,000 Internet users. It is a conference that educates and provides space for establishing business relations. At the Golden Marketing Conference, knowledge about the latest trends in the industry, good practices and innovative solutions are presented.

The 10th edition of this prestigious event will be held April 21-22 in Poznań at the Poznań International Fair (in the Earth Hall, Poznań Congress Center).

It will be possible to take part in the event in two forms, stationary in Poznań and online
in the PPV formula.

Detailed information on the Golden Marketing Conference is available at the event website goldenmarketing.pl/poznan.

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