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Target group of finance professionals redefined and analyzed


Target group of finance professionals redefined and analyzed

The company iq media marketing has relaunched the “Financial Community” study, which was first presented in 2006 and most recently in 2008. With this analysis, the marketer for decision-making media of the Handelsblatt publishing group defines the only market media study in this segment. It provides agencies and media planners with substantial data on print and online media usage by financial experts that is collected according to the reader analysis decision maker (LAE) standard.

In the “Financial Community 2010”, the subgroups of “institutional investors”, “investment advisors” and “financial advisors”, which have not been shown in any other study or statistics to date, are also documented and made plannable. Harald Fritzsch, Head of Marketing Service iq media marketing, explains: “Due to the range of the collected characteristics, individual target groups can be selected from this top business-to-business community and integrated into the media planning process.”

Compared to the previous study, the population has decreased slightly. This is due to a modified definition of lawyers. The target group of finance professionals currently includes 160,000 people from around 18,600 companies. The survey carried out by the renowned LAE Institute Czaia Marktforschung, Bremen, follows the framework of the Central Association of the German Advertising Industry (ZAW) and draws on current figures: The field time of the around 1,030 sample interviews was between January and April 2010. The 26 newspapers and magazines surveyed, eight station wagons and 31 online offers followed the cover model of the reader analysis of decision-makers in the reach analysis.

According to the study, the Handelsblatt ranks first among the newspapers with a reach of 51 percent of decision-makers and relegates Financial Times Deutschland (30 percent) and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (28 percent) to second and third place. The Handelsblatt also takes the top position across media with a reach of 72 percent. For comparison: The finance portal Onvista comes to 57 percent. Wirtschaftswoche leads the ranking of magazines with a reach of 23 percent, followed by manager magazin (22 percent) and Capital (17 percent).