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Targeted web controlling harbors sales potential

Targeted web controlling harbors sales potential

The recession-induced retreat of consumers into their own four walls increases online use and the importance of this communication and sales channel. As the “Web Analytics Solution Profiler” (WASP) study by the strategy consultancy “Ogilvybrains” shows, however, more than half of the German top 500 companies with the highest turnover neglect the needs of their customers on the web.

“So far, the heavy use of the Internet by consumers has not been matched by adequate use of web controlling in German companies. Often it is only the small things that prevent those willing to shop from closing the deal. Recognizing these and optimizing the website in a targeted manner can bring sales potential in the billions, ”says Ogilvybrains managing director Bert Klingsporn.
Between January and February, the websites of the top 500 companies with the highest turnover and the top 50 banks in Germany were analyzed to determine whether they were performing tool-based web controlling for their website and specifically analyzing the usage behavior of customers and interested parties. This is not the case in more than half of the companies examined. For example, when customers first have to fill out a three-step registration form in order to order a brochure, they often cancel. “Around 10 percent of all those willing to shop in Germany end the online shopping process prematurely because of such obstacles. An easy to leverage and gigantic potential when you consider that online sales this year will total around 22 billion euros, ”emphasizes Klingsporn.

However, the use of tool-based web controlling differs greatly depending on the industry. Only 25 percent of the top German banks have installed a corresponding tool on their company website. Below average users are also energy providers. In contrast, the telecommunications and transport industries would stand out positively. For example, a German airline recognized in its web analysis that interested parties had fundamental problems finding the cheapest flight prices. The expansion of the search to include a “savings calendar” not only gave customers the desired overview of what is on offer, but also ensured that the airline made corresponding bookings.