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  5. Test innovations in the 5G LAB of the Łódź SEZ in a 5G cap for startups!

Test innovations in the 5G LAB of the Łódź SEZ in a 5G cap for startups!

Test innovations in the 5G LAB of the Łódź SEZ in a 5G cap for startups!

On Thursday, May 27, in the Łódź Special Economic Zone, the inauguration of 5G LAB took place – the first space in Poland for startups to create and test innovations using the fifth generation network.

Autonomous forklifts, digital twins of factories, or VR transmissions with 360-degree cameras – these are just some of the innovative solutions that will be tested in the 5G network of the Łódź Special Economic Zone. All thanks to 5G LAB, a space for creating and testing innovations using the fifth generation network. From now on, young technological companies can use the 5G infrastructure that the Lodz Special Economic Zone has developed in cooperation with partners: Orange, Ericsson, and UKE. Deputy Minister of Development, Labor and Technology and Government Plenipotentiary for Foreign Investments Grzegorz Piechowiak emphasized that the Łódź SEZ has been successfully promoting, supporting and creating a good investment climate for the implementation of innovative technological projects, also based on cooperation between the world of science and business. The coronavirus pandemic has only confirmed the growing demand for such initiatives. 5G LAB may become an incubator of innovative solutions, and in the near future it may contribute to increasing the potential of Polish companies, especially startups.

5G technology and the Internet of Things are great business opportunities. We build a wide range of support for investors based on modern technologies. The next step is 5G Lab – a space dedicated to young technological companies. We connect startups with investors so that they can work together on 5G innovations and test them, thanks to the internal 5G network we have created. Among other things, for such innovative activities, we were awarded the title of the 3rd best economic zone in the world and the first in Europe – says Marek Michalik, president of the ŁSEZ.

5G Lab at the headquarters of the Łódź SEZ in Łódź was created as a response to the needs of startups. Companies that create innovations based on 5G in the Lodz Zone program called “S5 – 5G Technology Accelerator” needed a place to conduct tests before their solutions will be permanently used in the factories of investors and business partners of the Zone.

The 5G ecosystem we have built in the Zone opens up wide opportunities for young technological companies to create and test innovations. 5G-based solutions created by startups will use infrastructure that ensures minimal delays, enabling remote, real-time management of factories, machine communication and the flow of large amounts of data. Thanks to the S5 and 5G Lab accelerator, we will witness the first industrial applications of fifth generation networks in Poland – adds Agnieszka Sygitowicz, vice-president of the Łódź SEZ.

Orange Polska has been testing 5G in laboratories and in the field for over two years. The operator also draws from the experience of the Orange Group in other European countries, where the first internal 5G networks have already been created. The 5G network in the Łódź Special Economic Zone includes the headquarters building and the Fabryka Creativity Center. To build it, Orange used 10 antennas operating in the 3.6 GHz target band for 5G and in the 2100 MHz band. They provide coverage on an area of ​​over 1000 sq m. Orange also guarantees the support of its experts related to the use of 5G technology in industry.

Ericsson, a global player on the broadly understood telecommunications market, a long-term partner and investor in the zone, was involved in building the 5G network at the headquarters of the Łódź Zone. The Swedish giant’s experts designed and delivered the equipment needed to run the internal network. They also ensure individual knowledge transfer, not only to the specialists of the Łódź SEZ, but also to business partners and startups cooperating with the Łódź SEZ. It is business and, above all, technological support for industrial applications of 5G technology.

Startups operating in the S5 accelerator of the Łódź Zone will benefit from the internal 5G network, where they receive substantive, mentoring and financial support (40 startups will receive nearly PLN 13 million of support). The 5G Lab of the Łódź Zone will achieve a download speed of 850 mb / s while maintaining minimal delays. This will allow startups to test innovations prepared for investors and business partners of the Łódź Zone, based on the latest communication technology.

source: Ericsson | 5G LAB of the Łódź SEZ | Orange Polska