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Thanks to Redkey W12 you will get rid of the mop and vacuum cleaner!


Thanks to Redkey W12 you will get rid of the mop and vacuum cleaner!

The 3in1 Redkey W12 vacuum cleaner cleans all kinds of dirt when wet, and at the same time it does not smear them, and you do not have to put a lot of effort into cleaning!

A new vacuum cleaner model has been tested in our editorial office Redkey W12 Elite Cleanthat replaces an ordinary vacuum cleaner, bucket and mop, and cleans itself! It is another multi-functional cleaning and washing vacuum cleaner of this type, which is to help us keep the house tidy, and also save time spent on cleaning and maintenance. Is it really so? Can you safely throw away a bucket and an ordinary mop? We checked it for you – below you will learn about its possibilities and how it works in practice?

The Redkey brand, before creating this model, conducted a lot of research and surveys among users around the world, thanks to which it was found that people would like to clean the apartment with as few steps as possible in the shortest possible time, and although we have automatic cleaning robots at our disposal, they work well when vacuuming daily, but not thoroughly washing the floors.

As a result of the reconnaissance, the company obtained a clear conclusion – users need one, multifunctional device that will combine vacuuming, washing and, at the end, it will clean itself. This is how the Redkey W12 was created – a 3-in-one device. Our participation is limited to pouring clean water and pouring out dirty water – and driving a vacuum cleaner over hard surfaces. This model is not suitable for vacuuming carpets!

Although there are plenty of robotic robots on the market that vacuum your home by themselves, they aren’t very good at cleaning floors – even if they have a mopping function. People who would like to thoroughly clean the floors with mobile robots know this very well. For these, you should also forget to clean up wet spills, not to mention sticky substances such as sauces and sugary drinks. The robot will only smear such dirt and, as a result, only create more dirt.

What do you do when something sticks to the floor or you drop your sandwich? Usually such a floor has to be wiped – preferably with a mop. Then we pour at least half a bucket of water and add the detergent cap.

A device such as the Redkey W12 completely changes the approach to cleaning! Just turn on the vacuum cleaner, and it will thoroughly collect the spilled dirt – just drive this place up to 3 times – and the rotating roller, which is soaked with water, will thoroughly clean the surface – just pour the dirt from the container and put the vacuum cleaner away. It is much faster and is extremely accurate!

Although the dimensions of the vacuum cleaner are quite substantial – it takes up much less space than a vacuum cleaner and a bucket with a mop. It can be placed in a utility room or wardrobe.

The device is delivered in a fairly large box, after removing it from the packaging, Redkey W12 is practically ready for operation – but it is worth fully charging it beforehand. There are no complicated settings and buttons – the entire device is controlled by two buttons – the Power button and the water dispensing button.

The rotating brush collects dirt and washes at the same time – everything goes to the dirty water tank, so nothing is smeared. The suction element, on the other hand, collects excess water, allowing the floor to dry very quickly. The unit does not spray dust as everything mixes with water and goes to the dirt bin. If the floor has been very dusty, there may be clumps of dust which are easily sucked by the Redkey. You can place the vacuum cleaner on the charging station at any time and carry out a quick cleaning of the roller.

I checked how it deals with various types of dirt, from sticky to loose, small and larger rubbish – everything was pulled up nicely and the floor remained clean, even after honey or sticky eggs.

The vacuum cleaner weighs about 3.8 kg, and thanks to the rotating brush, it guides us forward, so we do not need to use any force when cleaning – just direct the vacuum cleaner in the right direction. It is fully wireless, so we do not have to look for a socket and worry that there is not enough cable to get to every corner.

The entire apartment, about 60 m² in size, can be cleaned for 5 to 15 minutes – depending on the degree of soiling, of course. For one cycle, the vacuum cleaner uses about 25% of the battery, so a full charge should cover 4 full cleanings – but it is worth fully charging it each time. The self-cleaning function works when the battery is at least 50% charged and the dock is connected to the power supply.

Redkey W12 will appeal to everyone who appreciates time and excellent results with minimal effort. As its strength is floor cleaning, I recommend it to people who do not have carpets or hard floors occupy a larger area. These can be wooden floors, panels, tiles or concrete. in a word, any surface that can be wet cleaned.

Due to the fact that all dust and dirt are mixed with water, the vacuum cleaner does not spray them and is perfect for people who are allergic to dust or mites. The device is also a great helper when we need to quickly clean the floors before an unexpected visit – you will do it quickly, practically without waiting for the floor to dry.

scales 3.8 kg
filter Hepa
battery 2600 mAh (Li-Ion)
Working time 45 mins on a single charge
power 150 W.
noise level 72 dB
display device status and battery level
dimensions 325 ✕ 310 ✕ 700 mm
clean water container 0.52 liters, washable
dirty water container 0.46 liters, washable
functions voice prompts (in English), roller self-cleaning function after each cleaning, deep cleaning of the roller
landing docking station for cleaning the roller and charging

What’s in the box?

The package includes the vacuum cleaner body, handle, power supply, two spare cleaning rollers (apart from the one already installed in the body), a brush for cleaning containers with a handle for extracting twisted hair or hair, a container for spare accessories and a cleaning and charging station. There is also a user manual in Polish.

Redkey W12 is a multifunctional device that is great for vacuuming and washing at the same time. We save not only the time needed to clean the floors, but also energy and water.

Please note that this vacuum cleaner is not suitable for vacuuming carpets and rugs as it is wet cleaning. – for carpets, it is better to hire an automatic cleaning robot, which will vacuum the selected area during this time.

However, in the case of hard floors, it is definitely a better solution than a cleaning robot with a mopping function (which, as I always say, is only a wet wipe function and has nothing to do with mopping or mopping the floor). This vacuum cleaner not only dulls the floor, it also cleans the floor thoroughly, thanks to the constantly rotating brush and the supply of clean water.

Thanks to the suction mechanism, it does not leave wet spots and the floor is completely dry within several dozen seconds – which is clearly visible on tiles or panels.

So if you value comfort, time and want to have the floor vacuumed and washed immediately, I can assure you that you will be satisfied with this device. I can’t imagine vacuuming the floor first and then mopping the floor – in 10 minutes I forget about the whole thing and you can do it much more often!


9 ★

on a 10-point scale (9/10)

If you have additional questions regarding the use of this vacuum cleaner, write to me or ask a question in the comment.

Redkey W12 Elite Clean


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own study | article in collaboration with Redkey