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The advertising industry likes the Microsoft-Yahoo Agreement

The advertising industry likes the Microsoft-Yahoo Agreement

The newly established alliance between Microsoft and Yahoo in the search engine and advertising business has been received very positively within the advertising industry. From the point of view of advertisers, it is hoped that the merger of numbers two and three in the hotly contested web search market will primarily stimulate competition and develop new, creative business concepts.

“The cooperation between Microsoft and Yahoo is definitely to be welcomed and will certainly have a positive effect on diversity and competition in the online advertising market,” said Peter Drössler, Chairman of the Advertising and Market Communication Association of the Austrian advertising and communications industry. “Our cooperation will improve the user experience of web search for users and advertisers as well as promote further innovative development in this area,” the alliance partners declared on the occasion of the announcement of the alliance. “It is to be hoped that the two companies will keep their promise. If Microsoft and Yahoo join forces to appear as innovators on the market, it will certainly be an enrichment, ”says Drössler. There are already a number of good ideas, but in this regard it is especially important that uniform standards are created for search engine marketing. The fact that the merger creates stronger competition with Google and thus the current market leader in the search engine business should be seen as an advantage for further development in this area.

The Central Association of the German Advertising Industry (ZAW) also shares this assessment. “We have received the news about the cooperation between Microsoft and Yahoo positively and hope that this can compensate for the current one-sidedness of the market situation,” explains ZAW spokesman Volker Nickel. At the moment, the advertisers’ activities are concentrated too much on one side, which is a detriment to competition as a whole. “A counterweight to Google is necessary. We all know that increased competition is the best way to drive innovation, ”explains Nickel. In this respect, the partnership that has been entered into is definitely a step in the right direction. pte