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The ag.ma publishes a poster

The ag.ma publishes a poster

After almost four years of research, the ag-ma is presenting its members with an approach that they use to reassess and calculate the poster reach. What is new is that the mobility of people is included in order to determine contacts with poster sites.

To do this, she combines a Germany-wide representative mobility survey (21,000 telephone interviews) and a GPS route measurement in 24 selected cities (8,600 people). In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute IAIS, St. Augustin, the media researchers developed a model for contact and range calculation based on this, in which further components of the model flow in addition to the empirically collected data. For example, the Germany-wide mobility information from the frequency atlas of the Association of Outdoor Advertising as well as location-specific and thus visibility-weighted poster site information.

“The ma 2007 Poster is a milestone in poster research. It provides the market with detailed, improved and fine-grained planning data,” says Lothar Hannen, Poster Director of the Media Analysis Working Group in Frankfurt (Main), about the publication of the ma 2007 poster. The working group provides its members with an overview of the performance values ​​of the poster site types large format, mega light poster/city light board, full column and city light poster according to selected standard assignments and target group characteristics. In addition to this, the documentation ma 2007 appears, as well as an update of the MDS planning software, which is already established on the market.

The working group Media-Analysis eV (ag.ma) is an association of around 250 of the most important companies in the advertising and media industry with the aim of researching mass communication.

You will soon find the data sets here www.agma-mmc.de.