Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Bixby, all in the near future will have a place in our home, they are now becoming an important part of our lives, almost like smartphones. These are some of the best smart speakers for less than 150 euros.

The smart speakers they were one of the most original gifts this past Christmas, thanks to the options that allow the control of other smart devices (Internet of Things).

Major tech companies already have one or more smart speakers in their catalogs, so it’s time to review their market situation and see what they are the best smart speakers for less than 150 euros.

These smart speakers not only do they allow you to listen to music with excellent sound quality, but you can also create voice queries and turn them into a control panel for other connected objects such as lights, appliances, televisions and a growing number of devices. Most of the connected speakers use the artificial intelligence of Google Assistant or Alexa.


Let’s start our review of the best Smart Speakers for less than 150 euros that you can buy with a truly innovative model that stands out for its portability. We are talking about DDMM-E2.

In addition to being very compact in size, you can take the GGMM-E2 with you as it is one of the few smart speakers that you can use anywhere, since you don’t need a power outlet to make it work.

It integrates a 2,200 mAh battery that offers an autonomy of about 14 hours of playback, but is reduced to 5 when connected to a Wi-Fi network to use the more intelligent functions.

Inside we find an Amazon Alexa that will respond to your orders after saying the command “Alexa”. The sound power is 10 W. One of the most versatile options to get a Smart Speaker laptop that you can buy for around 45 euros.

Ornin Sense

Ornin Sense is another of the smart speakers for less than 150 euros you can buy. One of its best features is the sound quality, with a deep bass thanks to its 2-inch speaker that offers good clarity.

This smart headset can be used anywhere, even if the weight and dimensions are not as versatile as the GGMM-E2. However, having a 2,000mAh internal battery gives you enough freedom to move it around the house without having to worry about plugging it into the mains.

With a power of 5W and control buttons at the top, this smart speaker allows you to interact with Alexa, but it also works as a normal Bluetooth wireless headset which you can connect with i devices to play music.

The Ornin Sense smart speaker is available for around 85.62 euros.

August VENUS

In addition to the features provided by Alexa to smart speakers, this type of device allows audio to be sent to other smart speakers installed in other rooms, is a complete multiroom sound system for little money.

This is one of the stellar functions of August VENUS, a smart speaker which provides freedom of movement with functions that Amazon’s smart speakers they cannot offer.

August VENUS can work as a normal Bluetooth speaker or connect to the Internet by enabling the functions of artificial intelligence of the Alexa virtual assistant.

Inside we find a battery that allows you to operate autonomously for 8 hours and a pair of speakers that provide a power of 7.5W each. The buttons on the top allow you to conveniently operate the speaker.

You can buy this smart speaker VENUS for around 89.95 euros.

Amazon Echo (2nd generation)

The Smart Speaker by Amazon they arrived in Italy like a hurricane, in a couple of months they ate a good piece of the cake.

Amazon has gifted his 2nd generation Amazon Echo with a matrix made up of seven microphones equipped with noise cancellation that allows them to take orders and execute them with extreme quality even in noisy environments.

Sound quality is one of the hallmarks of the Smart Speaker by Amazon, thanks to the collaboration with Dolby in the final adjustment of Amazon’s speakers. It has a 63mm subwoofer placed in an inverted position and a 16mm tweeter placed in the opposite direction which provides a clear and powerful 360 ° sound.

The second generation of Amazon Echo is available for around 94.99 euros and is positioned as one of the best smart speakers for less than 150 euros you can buy for its excellent balance of function and price.

Other versions are the Amazon Eco Dot of third generation we can find it for about 54.99 euros, theAmazon Echo Plus 2nd generation for about 139, 99 euros e Echo Spot with integrated display for about 119.99 euros.

Google Home

They say whoever hits first hits twice. This, in the case of connected speakers and virtual assistants, it is not strictly enforced as Google is the first in both cases, and while it is true that its voice assistant is found on a huge number of devices, with Google Home smart speakers, it has only managed to achieve a market share of 14%.

Google Home is thesmart speaker with Google Assistant, has a series of touch buttons at the top that allow the user to mute the device or easily lower the volume.

The sound quality is the result of two two-inch speakers and two passive tweeters that offer greater bass depth. Its minimalist and compact design allows it to adapt to any style and decoration thanks to the high quality materials it uses.

Also, if you have a pair of Google speakers, you can send voice notes to play and communicate with the rest of the family without having to get up from the sofa even if they are in other rooms.

Google Assistant it is integrated on a large number of devices, so it is easy to pair them with the speaker and control them using voice commands. Google Home costs around 119 euros, while Google Home Mini, the simpler and smaller version costs around 59 euros.


LG didn’t want to be left out and took advantage of its partnership with Meridian Audio to develop its own LG WK7 smart speaker.

The cylindrical design facilitates the diffusion and reception of sound at 360 ° with a series of controls arranged at the top. LG’s personality note can be found in the speaker outer casing, which opts for a metal grille instead of using fabric to cover the speakers.

The experience of Meridian Audio, with over 60 years dedicated to producing audio components, is evident in the quality and sound power offered by this headset.

It has a power of 30W that offers a well-calibrated sound and a strong presence of bass thanks to the 3.5-inch woofer, which allows you to play music with a sampling quality of 96 kHz and 24 bits.

The broad support offered by Google assistant as a virtual assistant allows you to control a large number of home connected devices via voice commands, including most LG TVs, as well as refrigerators, air conditioners and dozens of branded devices.

It also enables features such as multi-room support, which allows you to send quality sound / audio to a speaker located in another room in the house. This makes him one of the best smart speakers for less than 150 euros you can buy.

You will find the LG WK7 smart speaker for around 149 euros.


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