The Chinese copier giant goes live and the Zeaplus Watch is the first acceptable replica of the Apple Watch

Although the Apple Watch is not yet on sale, that does not seem to be an impediment for some Chinese manufacturers, who have already begun to sell replicas of the apple smartwatch in the Huaqiangbei commercial area, in Shenzhen, and also through from Internet. They are not, of course, the first copies of the Apple Watch – here we have already shown you several of them – but they are the most credible.

Although there are already several of them in distribution, the most identical may be the one named as Zeaplus Watch, a copy of the most blatant Apple smartwatch that would be shot immediately for the intellectual property rights of half the world if it occurred to him to leave the Chinese borders.

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The Zeaplus Watch features are an aluminum body available in silver, gray and gold, a heart rate sensor and a pedometer to count steps and calories burned. As expected, the device is compatible with both iOS and Android and incorporates a slot to insert a SIM card, so you do not need to be connected to the phone to make or receive calls.

In addition, according to some Chinese media, this replica has a 2 megapixel camera at the bottom, a feature that the company is promoting as “a watch that can become a spy camera,” although we have not found a trace of this on the website. Its launch is scheduled for next May and will cost the equivalent of $ 69.

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The Zeaplus Watch will be launched next May and will cost $ 69.

Other replicas such as the D Watch can already be purchased from a price range that goes from 30 to 50 dollars, promising a battery life of 7.5 days. Without a doubt, a detail considering that its screen has the same quality as that of my calculator. Even if we go further down the price scale we can find replicas of the Apple Watch for the incredible figure of 15 dollars, although of course I will not be the one who wears it on my wrist.

It is expected that more replicas of this type will begin to proliferate after the arrival of the Apple Watch on the market, especially if it manages to have the power of attraction that other products such as the iPhone or iPad have achieved.


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