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The Congress of Deputies will spend more than 800,000 euros on new tablets and computers

The Congress of Deputies will spend more than 800,000 euros on new tablets and computers

We still do not know what color (or colors) the new Government of the country will be, but what we already know is how much the amount of the new electronic products contract that the Chamber of Congress has approved to spend on each award will amount. Through the new contracts 490 new tablets and 699 computers will be supplied desktop.

The Board of the Lower House recently formed by the elected members, has decided to approve the awards after the tender for the contracts for tablets and mobile computers that were being studied since last October. The winner of the new tablet contract has been Asseco Spain, which has presented a more attractive offer than other firms such as Telefónica Móviles. In total, they will be spent 372,032.13 euros to buy just under 500 new tablets (an average cost of around 760 euros per team).

In this way, the need to provide new tablets to members of Congress is fulfilled, since this tool has become a daily piece of work for a deputy. The tablets have sometimes been the center of angry controversies, as when the television cameras captured Celia Villalobos playing in the middle of the session.

A cost of 650 euros on average per new PC

Another of the contracts that had been put on the table corresponded to that of the desktop computer renovation, both for members of Congress and for officials who work in the House. In this case, both the number of equipment and the amount is higher and the company Random Centro de Informática SAU has finally been awarded the contract.

A total of 699 computers will be supplied for a cost of 455,570 euros, a price that includes the repurchase of obsolete equipment. Once again, Telefónica was left at the gates when Congress opted for an offer with a higher score.

The renewal of equipment and terminals is a constant from time to time and despite the high amount of the expense item dedicated to it, the Board of Congress celebrates that with both contracts awarded An amount of 220,112.67 euros has been saved compared to the maximum price fixed in the budget intended for the renovation operation. It remains to be seen whether the political representatives will accept the new devices in all cases or whether any party will renounce them.

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