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The EU may force Apple to give up Lightning

The EU may force Apple to give up Lightning

A new EU law, due to be unveiled next month, could force Apple to switch to USB-C in iPhones.

Apple may be forced to removing the Lightning port from the iPhone in favor of the USB-C connectorto fit in with the new regulations that (as reported by Reuters) the European Commission is expected to present next month. The legislation would establish a common charging port for all mobile phones and other relevant devices in all European Union countries. This move will primarily affect Apple, as many popular Android devices are already equipped with USB-C ports.

In 2018, the European Commission tried to come up with a final solution on this issue, but was unable to do so. At the time, Apple warned that forcing a common charging port in the industry would stifle innovation and create electronic waste as consumers would be forced to switch to new cables.

The European Union still wants all phones to work with interoperable chargers – which would mean fewer chargers of different types.

A 2019 study by the European Commission found that half of all charging cables sold with mobile phones had a USB micro-B connector, 29 percent had a USB-C connector, and 21 percent had a Lightning connector. The study suggested five options for a common charger, with different options including device ports and power supply ports.

Last year, the debate resumed as the European Parliament overwhelmingly voted in favor of a common charger, citing as the main benefits: less environmental waste and user convenience.

The European Union is currently drafting a bill to be presented next month.

source: Reuters | macRumors