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The finalists of the Brand Awards, Trump’s takeover, merger of NIKI and TUIfly and the WEF

The finalists of the Brand Awards, Trump’s takeover, merger of NIKI and TUIfly and the WEF

This week, the 2017 Brand Awards jury came together to find the winners from among 10 major brands. In addition, Trump once again caused a stir in the press, the WEF receives an introduction to Brexit and NIKI and TUIfly agree on a name. Our weekly review.

The finalists of the week: The Brand Award 2016

He’s just outside the door again. In the categories of brand expansion, brand relaunch, brand digitization and brand momentum, ten brands are now in the running for prizes. The award ceremony will take place on March 14, 2017 in Düsseldorf. Soldan / Em-eukal with the new rubber drops and Eckes-Granini / Die Limo with the new lemonade brand: “Die Limo” are nominated for the best brand stretch.

For the best brand relaunch, thyssenkrupp presented themselves to the jury with the new logo, 1. FC Köln with a new brand identity and the Gewandhausorchester from Leipzig with a new logo and an initial marketing strategy.

Ritter Sport, Emmi and Frosta enter the race for the best brand momentum. Ritter Sport with a 100-year-old chocolate story and the legendary unicorn chocolate, Emmi with the Caffé Latte, which has been on the market since 2004 and is a success story, and Frosta. They have relied on sustainability from the very beginning and are the first on the market to take the crisis years and slump in sales between 2000 and 2003 seriously, but always sticking to the old new philosophy: real food. In the new category Best Brand Digitization, nuwena / bilou, a brand owned by Youtube stars Bibi from BibisBeautyPalace and Berentzen, applied with the “Echtland” social media campaign. You can find out everything about the brands here.

The letter of the week: Trump’s press restrictions

Now it’s getting serious: The Obamas have moved out, Trump is moving into the White House (without his wife and son). And he showed in advance that the relationship between him and the press is not exactly rosy: The US President-elect wants to restrict access to the regular press conferences in the White House. His staff wanted to move the briefing to another room due to lack of space, but the press was against it, said Trump in an interview broadcast by Fox News on Wednesday. On Tuesday, Trump received an open letter on behalf of the US Press Corps from Kyle Pope, editor-in-chief of the Columbia Journalism Review. In the letter, Trump is made clear that it is not he who sets the rules for interaction with the media, but the media. In places the letter has a clearly threatening undertone. You can read more about this at Meedia.de.

The merger of the week: the new airline is called NIKI

Done deal. The merger of NIKI and TUIfly is dry. After that, only the name of the new (holiday) airline was discussed. The original name “Airline BlueSky” is a thing of the past. The new airline is to take over the name NIKI. For some time there was also talk of reviving the LTU brand. Apparently the proponents could not prevail. The new airline is scheduled to start operations at the end of March / beginning of April.

The meeting of the week: WEF

For the 47th time, politicians and business personalities are gathering in Davos. The actual opening speech was given by the Chinese President Xi Jinping. He is the first Chinese head of state to visit the WEF. He spoke about the fact that China wants to defend itself against economic isolation. US President Donald Trump in particular is toying with this. In his speech, Xi also referred to the growing gap between rich and poor, as well as to terrorism, which threatens the world. He also warned of a trade war.

Joe Biden also came to Davos. In his last speech as Vice President, he reaffirmed the US commitment to NATO and the European Union. He was reacting to the statements of Donald Trump, who earlier this week had described the collective defense alliance as “obsolete”. Theresa May also spoke about Great Britain and Brexit. She explained how such an exit is carried out. You can find more facts here.