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The first accessories in Poland dedicated to the Apple tablet

The first accessories in Poland dedicated to the Apple tablet

In anticipation of the appearance of the iPad in Poland, iSource will introduce accessories for the new Apple tablet in mid-April. Cases, stands and special overlays on the tablet screen will not only protect the device from damage, but also give it a unique character.

Just before the Polish debut of the iPad, new additions, designed especially for this product, are entering the market. A pioneer among manufacturers of accessories dedicated to the Apple tablet is Macally, known as an ally of Macs (Mac-ally), dealing in the design and production of computer peripherals and accessories for consumer electronic devices, mainly Apple.

Its latest case will give the iPad a unique character and provide protection against the smallest scratches, and at the same time make it pleasant and easier to use.

For people who do not want to interfere too much with the appearance of the iPad, a transparent case was created MetroClear for iPad. The crystal clear casing will cover your iPad like an ice cube without obscuring its original design and color. Contrary to appearances, it is, however, very durable. It is made of a special material, resistant to cracks and scratches, thanks to which not only the iPad, but the case itself, will keep a perfect look for a long time. The case is also equipped with a screen protector.

The users will surely like the modern chrome case, made of a hard, durable material imitating a mirror. MetroChrome represents a modern, urban style, and at the same time guarantees perfect protection for your iPad.

The new Macally collection for iPad also includes a stand. The adjustable aluminum tablet stand holds it securely and allows for comfortable work
with a feather as it is extremely stable. ViewStand has been ergonomically designed to improve the comfort of typing and both vertical and horizontal viewing of iPad resources. The device allows you to set the tablet at different angles. The elegant and durable frame of the stand is covered with a layer of polyurethane, which protects the iPad, both the iPad and the stand itself from scratches and mechanical damage.

IPad users will surely like the protective foil on the screen of the device. It prevents? Peeping? by nearby third parties, thanks to 4-Way Privacy Technology, which makes the screen darker when viewed from a smaller angle. On the other hand, it facilitates the work of people using the device, blocking reflection of sunlight on the screen.

Privacy screen protector does not affect the sensitivity of the touch screen and does not distort the image displayed on it. At the same time, a special material protects the screen from scratches and fingerprints.

The complete range of iSource Macally accessories for iPad is available at:


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