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The first preview of Preda has arrived


The first preview of Preda has arrived

Alexandre Aja, 3D director of High Voltage and Piranha, is making a disaster horror with the legendary Sam Raimi. The first preview of the film, which debuted this summer, has run into.

Alexandre Aja, the French director of High Voltage, Eye of the Rocks and 3D Piranha, is coming out this new horror this summer. The heroes of Sam Raimi’s film-assisted cinema are a father and daughter who are trapped in a Florida city evacuated by a raging hurricane where they are forced to face a blood-freezing enemy.

Starring Kaya Scodelario, known from Skins and The Maze Series, and Barry Pepper in Rescue of Private Ryan and The Death Row, the screenplay is recorded by The Rasmussen brothers (The Ward; The Inhabitants), who are already working on their many horrors. Préda, which is being run by Paramount, will make its debut in domestic cinemas on July 11, the first preview of which can be seen below.