With its first smart socket, AVM brings new possibilities to home networks. FRITZ! DECT 200 is a fully controllable socket that can be managed from anywhere in the world. It is an ideal tool for measuring the energy consumption of connected devices. The Smart Outlet is based on proven DECT technology and by extending the functionality of the FRITZ! Box with Smart Home functions, it transforms it into a smart home management center.

The socket can be controlled with a PC, tablet, FRITZ! Fon or a smartphone with the MyFRITZ! App. The FRITZ! DECT 200 is supported by all FRITZ! Box models that are equipped with a DECT base station and have the latest version of the FRITZ! OS software.

Home automationWithFRITZ! Box iFRITZ! DECT200

The FRITZ! DECT 200 Smart Outlet turns the FRITZ! Box into an intelligent management center for any home electrical appliance. From now on, millions of households with FRITZ! Box routers will also have access to basic home automation functions. The FRITZ! DECT 200 socket performs many functions of a smart home, and its operation via the FRITZ! Box interface is extremely simple.

FRITZ! DECT 200 for intelligent control of home appliances

With the FRITZ! DECT 200, you can switch devices connected to it on and off manually or automatically. It offers individually defined schedules for switching on devices, eg “once, occasional, daily, weekend” or according to a planned frequency. The smart socket can also be integrated with the Google calendar, from which it automatically downloads the necessary data. Thanks to the function that synchronizes sunrise and sunset data with automatic switch-on and switch-off modes, devices connected to the FRITZ! DECT 200 adapt their work schedule depending on the time of day or year.

FRITZ!DECT200 measuresand controlsEnergy consumption

The FRITZ! DECT 200 measures and records the energy consumption of the electrical devices connected to it. All data is logged in the FRITZ! Box interface, which shows the energy consumption according to various parameters and in clear diagrams. Detailed reports show the status of individual devices, energy consumption and its cost, and even the amount of CO2 emissions. The smart socket can also send reports and notifications directly to users’ e-mail inbox. This makes the FRITZ! DECT 200 the ideal device for optimizing your energy budget.

All measurement and control scenarios

The FRITZ! DECT 200 is there to help you with a variety of applications. It can be responsible for controlling the lighting system or any devices, e.g. printers, external drives, web cameras, thus simplifying many activities. Detailed measurements of energy consumption show the real power needs of televisions, household appliances and heat pumps. The entire system for switching individual devices on and off as well as measuring energy consumption can also be controlled via the Internet with the FRITZ! Box.

Secureand energy-saving

In its FRITZ! DECT 200 socket, AVM uses the safe and common DECT ULE (Ultra Low Energy) standard. Thanks to special encryption and authentication procedures, the smart socket is completely secured at the time of purchase. What’s more, the technology used not only perfectly protects the device against external interference, but is also extremely energy-efficient. The power consumption of the FRITZ! DECT 200 varies between 0.9 W and 1.5 W, depending on the operating mode. The smart socket has two LED buttons: one for switching the device on and off and the other for connecting to the DECT base.

Simple operationFRITZ!DECT200

The FRITZ! DECT 200 is very easy to set up and use. To start it up for the first time, simply plug the FRITZ! DECT 200 into a wall socket and press the DECT button on the FRITZ! Box, ready – the smart socket is already registered. The radio signal used by DECT is securely encrypted from the very beginning of its use. With the FRITZ! Box Router, you can easily control each FRITZ! DECT 200 with an extensive and clear interface, and you can assign an individual name to each socket. Access from anywhere in the world is additionally secured by the FRITZ! Box thanks to an encrypted internet connection. The new functions of the FRITZ! DECT 200 are added via free updates.

Short description of the FRITZ! DECT 200:

  • Allows manual or automatic control of connected devices (type F CEE 7/4)
  • It measures and records energy consumption and consumption
  • Can be used with any FRITZ! Box router with a DECT base and FRITZ! OS software version 6.03 or later
  • Factory encrypted secure DECT transmission
  • 2 LED switches (1 for switching on / off; 2 – for connecting to the DECT base)
  • It controls electrical devices up to 2300 W / 10 A
  • Compact housing: 93 x 59 x 41 mm (H x W x D, without plug)
  • Power consumption between 0.9 and 1.5 W depending on the operating mode
  • Requires a 230 V socket (type E CEE 7/5 or F CEE 7/4)
  • FRITZ! Box routers with a DECT base can simultaneously operate up to 10 FRITZ! DECT 200 sockets, 6 DECT telephones and 6 DECT repeaters

In brief:

  • The FRITZ! DECT 200 turns the FRITZ! Box into a smart home management center
  • Easy operation via the FRITZ! Box interface
  • It measures and optimizes energy consumption and sends detailed reports
  • A wide range of applications, from lighting control to managing any household appliances
  • Control via a computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world

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