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The first trailer of the movie “Murder on the Orient Express”

The first trailer of the movie “Murder on the Orient Express”

A new film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel “Murder on the Orient Express” promises to be very interesting, not only because of the cast – see the latest trailer.

One of the most famous detective novels with the well-liked Hercules Poirot, “Murder on the Orient Express” (original title: Murder on the Orient Express or Murder on the Calais Coach) was first published in 1934. It was initially published in parts from July 1 to September 30, 1933 in the Saturday Evening Post.

The crime story has already been screened three times, and in November this year we will see the newest screening directed by Kenneth Branagh, entitled Murder on the Orient Express – Everyone’s a Suspect. Earlier, in 1974, it was first shot by Sidney Lumet, and in 2001, we saw the interpretation for which Carl Schenkel was responsible.

The trailer starts from the moment passengers set off on their journey on the famous Orient Express. The long shot takes the train in an interesting perspective and we find out who each of the suspicious passengers is.

The film starred, among others: Tom Bateman, Lucy Boynton, Olivia Colman, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Josh Gad, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Derek Jacobi, Marwan Kenzari, Leslie Odom Jr., Michelle Pfeiffer, Sergey Polunin and Daisy Ridley.

The director of the film, Kenneth Branagh, played Hercule Poirot in the film, he is both the director and one of the producers. There is information on the web that the actor liked the new role of the Belgian detective and would like to return in another production. Will his role be able to overshadow the great creation performed by David Suchet? We’ll find out soon.

“Murder on the Orient Express” will be available on November 10, 2017. See the latest trailer – it promises to be good:

Below is a brilliant poster of the film from 1974, which is a visible inspiration for the poster for this year’s adaptation of “Murder on the Orient Express – Everyone is a suspect”:

source: 20th Century FOX