With iOS 10 the new version of iMessage, which becomes a platform for applications on which to install apps, games and above all stickers. The stickers you may have already started to love / hate on other messaging platforms have already exploded in iPhone and iPad messages.

Since we love to stick funny hats and glasses to cats and dogs, we couldn’t avoid choosing a few sticker packs that you can’t miss and that we leave you below.

Stickers Pals

Free – Lots of cartoon characters to express any action and a wide selection of glasses, beards, mustaches and more to ridicule our beloved pets and ourselves. All designed by the artist David Lanham and at no cost.

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€ 1.99 – We are not talking about a single icon pack, but about all those produced by Disney, which are among the best and most made, but also among the most expensive. Sure, you can ignore Mickey and Minnie doing stuff, but will you be able to resist a winking Lando Calrissian or a hold Darth Vader choking you with the Force? The choice is yours, the ones available so far are Frozen, Mickey & Friends, Stitch, Finding Dory, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Inside Out and, of course, Star Wars.

Super Mario Run

Free – The Italian plumber game is not yet available on the App Store, but in the meantime you can console yourself with the stickers. Obviously you will find Mario’s mustache to apply to your partner’s best shots and the dear mushroom.

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Pokémon Pixel Art, Part 1

€ 1.99 – We warn you: they are expensive and that “part 1 does not bode well. But if you have a heart and if you had a childhood made of It’s super effective! and good bikes you will succumb to the lure of The Pokémon Company.

Scottecs Ciaone Stickers

€ 0.99 – Say hello to the Magic Dog and answer it to your friends with the stickers of Mariangiongiangela Sio!


€ 0.99 – Ugly teeth, unlikely ears, reindeer horns and other funny body parts to enrich your selfies or vandalize your puppies’ shots.

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