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  5. The iPhone 6 is now 35% more expensive in Russia than a week ago

The iPhone 6 is now 35% more expensive in Russia than a week ago

The iPhone 6 is now 35% more expensive in Russia than a week ago

The Apple Online Store reopens its doors with an incredible price increase due to the devaluation of the ruble

A week ago we informed you that the Russian Apple Online Store had closed its doors due to the extreme fluctuations suffered by the Russian currency in recent days, something that made it impossible for Apple to set a certain price for its products. Now, six days after the closure, the Apple store is operational again with prices that could destroy the Christmas gift of more than one.

According to the new value of the ruble after several weeks of devaluation, Apple has adjusted the prices of its products to this new situation. One of the most affected models has been the iPhone 6, which now shows a price of 53,990 rubles in its 16 GB model, a 35% price increase if we compare it with the 34,990 rubles that it cost just a week ago.

If we do the conversion in dollars, we see that currently the 16GB iPhone 6 costs $ 980 in Russia. Yes, pretty much the same as the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus. This same model costs 649 dollars in the United States without taking into account the taxes of each state, and in Spain 700 euros.

However, the iPhone 6 has not been the only one affected by the devaluation of the ruble, but all products have seen their price varied to a greater or lesser extent. For example, the cheapest iPhone model – the iPhone 5 – now costs 29,990 rubles, while the most expensive model – the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus – costs 77,990 rubles, more than $ 1,000 at the exchange rate. Do you want to know how much the iMac Retina 5K recently introduced by Apple costs? A whopping 200,000 rubles, the equivalent of $ 3,500.

The 16GB iPhone 6 now costs in Russia about the same as the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus in the US.

Let’s hope that little by little the situation in Russia and its currency will stabilize so that its citizens can see a normalization in prices, not only of Apple products, but also in those of daily consumption. Recall that the Apple Online Store is the only direct route to Apple in Russia, since the company does not have an Apple Store or official Resellers in the country.

As we read in 9t5oMac, in the last week the value of the ruble has managed to rise a few points thanks to the rise in the value of a barrel of oil, so it would not be surprising if Apple makes corrections again in the prices of its products.