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The iPhone 6C is true though?

The iPhone 6C is true though?

As every year, a few months before the planned premiere of new iPhone models, the network is full of rumors and guesses about the next generations of these devices. Recently, it has been speculated quite often that the cheaper version of the apple smartphone will return to the Californian manufacturer’s offer this year.

The iPhone 5C, presented two years ago, was to be a product aimed at less wealthy customers who simply cannot afford the expense of a flagship model in the world. Unfortunately, the plastic device did not meet Apple’s sales expectations and did not have a successor in 2014.

A large part of the rumors, however, indicate that in a few months we will see the resumption of this offer. Already in September, the iPhone 6C is to see the light of day, equipped with a 4-inch screen and, like its predecessor, it will have a plastic housing structure. Under it, there will be an A8 processor, M8 coprocessor, as well as an NFC module and a Touch ID fingerprint reader.

The photos that have recently appeared on the web, showing the alleged housing of this device, are to confirm this news. Its colors can also confirm the thesis that the iPhone 6C will be targeted mainly at the fair ***.

Of course, as with any rumor, this information should also be treated with a pinch of salt.

Source: Future Supplier