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The music game “Cytus II” is a cyberpunk vision of the Internet

The music game “Cytus II” is a cyberpunk vision of the Internet

In the future, people can easily connect to material and virtual worlds through a vast network centered on a huge virtual city – cyTus.

The Cytus II universe is full of creative heroes. From PAFF and NEKO in the original game to Ivy on 2.0, each character has their own memorable story and touching soundtrack that fuel the story. In Cytus II 3.0, the newest heroine, Vanessa, guides players through the final chapter. The story begins when the biggest virtual concert in the world suddenly “disappears”. The fortunes of millions of logged-in listeners intersect in unexpected ways. They slowly begin to discover the truth.

Vanessa, one of the OPCI machines designed to rebuild civilization, gained consciousness and forged a lasting bond with Ivy, another sentient machine. But when the master computer shuts down, Vanessa and Ivy lose touch. Hundreds of years later, as humans regain control of the world, Vanessa becomes embedded in the center of the cyTus network.

Vanessa’s solemn symphonic music combines styles and themes borrowed from other Cytus II characters. After all, she is the heart of the cyTus network and connects to each of the characters.

Vanessa and the rest of the heroes unite through music to compose the legendary series finale. And while discovering the secrets of the game, you take a place in the front row.

You can download the game for free on iOS and Android devices:

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