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The new uniform of Apple Store employees to receive the Apple Watch

The new uniform of Apple Store employees to receive the Apple Watch

Employees have begun to receive the new shirts that they will have to wear from this Friday

The new exhibition, test and sale spaces of the Apple Watch will not be the only novelties that we will find in the Apple Store starting this Friday, the employees themselves will also renew their attire in line with the imminent changes that are about to arrive at the company stores. Today they have started to receive their new uniforms, some navy blue t-shirts, a much darker tone than what we are used to in an Apple Store, next to the Apple logo in the upper right.

All employees in the 9 countries in which the Apple Watch will be launched in a few weeks have already received two pairs of the new shirts and the instructions seem to indicate that They should start wearing them from this Friday, April 10, the day the reservation period will open to get the smartwatch.

These new t-shirts suppose the second change in the attire of Apple Store employees in so far this year. Last January the company introduced new t-shirts and polo shirts in the usual blue color but with the apple logo repositioned in the upper right, above the heart.

According to sources, Angela Ahrendts – who recently sent a statement to employees informing about the best way to reserve an Apple Watch – would have been responsible for this change in the image of employees. Now, with these new shirts, which have also been labeled as “Apple Watch Shirt”, the company hopes to provide a uniform that is not only comfortable, but also conveys the seriousness necessary to sell a product that can fetch up to $ 10,000.

Angela Ahrendts would have been the main responsible for this new change in the image of the employees

Along with this new uniform, the launch of the Apple Watch has also caused numerous changes in the Apple Store. Leaving aside the aforementioned physical changes, employees have also had to receive intense training during the last weeks in which they have learned some techniques to sell the smartwatch, some of them reflected in the guidelines that the company shared with the employees of the Retail chain.

As reported from MacRumors, the appearance of the Apple Watch boutiques that those of Cupertino are opening in some strategic points in cities such as Tokyo, London or Paris is still unknown. What do you think of the new shirts?