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The Northman: Check out the movie trailer

The Northman: Check out the movie trailer

Issuer protests against the obligation

After Jovem Pan AM and Jovem Pan 2 FM were forced to drive “A Voz do Brasil”, they signed a campaign against the transmission of the attraction. The station even has a protest space on the own website.

According to the blog by Marcelo Carvalho, radio broadcaster, “the station’s legal department is trying to convince the Federal Government to make the transmission schedule more flexible, but it has not yet been successful.” Other broadcasters were also forced to broadcast in January. Among them are Fast 89, Globo AM, CBN AM and FM, Sulamérica Trânsito FM, Nova Brasil, Vida and Kiss.

The law

Since the 90’s, the flexibility of broadcasting the program by radio stations in São Paulo has gained ground. But the Court has again forced broadcasters to re-allocate the 19-hour band to the government’s attraction. A bill in the House (2495/11) proposed by federal deputy Pastor Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP) prevents broadcasters from reducing transmission power during the hours. According to him, some stations leave the command so low that it is impossible to hear clearly, disrespecting listeners in the interior, who have access to national news only through the “Voz do Brasil”. “These broadcasters, who have little appreciation for such an important element of our culture, take advantage of a legal loophole, since today there is no device to prevent this reduction in power,” Feliciano pointed out. AESP, the Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters of the State of São Paulo (AESP), launched a campaign in November on a bill that makes broadcasting more flexible between 7pm and 10pm. Approved by the Committee on Science and Technology, Communication and Informatics of the Chamber of Deputies, it must go to the plenary for voting.

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