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  5. The sale strategy of the Apple Watch is filtered in the Apple Store

The sale strategy of the Apple Watch is filtered in the Apple Store

The sale strategy of the Apple Watch is filtered in the Apple Store

Apple will base its smartwatch sales strategy on “3 key questions”

A few days before the keynote of next February 9 takes place, rumors and last minute information about the Apple Watch sprout every second in the different media of the network. The last we know comes from the guys at 9to5Mac, who have had access to the sales strategy that Apple will follow to sell its smartwatch and that apparently it is already sending the employees of the Apple Store.

According to some of the guidelines that the company has begun to distribute, “Many consumers have already decided they want an Apple Watch”So they will use the device to “highlight the benefits” of purchasing a compatible iPhone model. Beyond asking the customer about their habits, their interest in sports and health, among others, Apple will base its Retail sales strategy on 3 key questions.

1. What does the customer already know?

It is certainly surprising that the guidelines themselves already assume that “many users have already decided that they want an Apple Watch”, so if this were true, employees would not have to employ an aggressive sales strategy, but would be mere formalities to finish in the final sale. The first guideline advises employees listen to the customer to find out what they care about and take advantage of it to show you the benefits of the watch in that regard.

Next, the company proposes some typical questions such as “What interests you most about the Apple Watch?”, “How do you see yourself wearing the Apple Watch?” or find out if it’s a gift for a special occasion. Once we had finished with the most important questions, we would move on to the next second point.

2. Is your iPhone compatible?

As you know, the Apple Watch is only compatible with an iPhone 5 or later, something that the company will use to show the benefits of acquiring a latest model of smartphone compatible with the smartwatch. The questions would be aimed at discovering which are the characteristics that consumers like the most of their current iPhone, and show them how the Apple Watch could improve that experience together with a compatible iPhone.

In addition, employees should highlight 3 specific characteristics: “Health and Fitness”, “New ways to connect” and “Clock”. The instructions received would recommend talking mostly about the first point, leaving the other two in the background or not talking about them if it is not necessary for the sale.

3. What is your personal style?

Finally, the third point would be aimed at discovering the client’s personal tastes, as well as the preference of a specific material to determine the model and collection you are looking for. For example, they could ask us if we are looking for a more casual or formal watch, or if we want to purchase additional straps for different types of situations.

The straps could be one of the great businesses of the Apple Watch, because taking into account that at the moment the company has a monopoly on them, users will have no choice but to purchase one of those offered by Apple. Luckily, it seems that there are already accessory plans that will allow us to make any strap that we have at home compatible with the apple watch.

The changes that the Apple Watch would cause in the Apple Store

Finally, the new information also reveals some of the changes that we would see in the coming months in Apple stores on the occasion of the arrival of the smartwatch. Apparently, it would have been Angela Ahrendts herself who would have informed some managers of the Apple Store of these changes. For example, for the gold version, the company will store it in safes with transparent glass – similar to the one in the photo – that employees could open with a special application on your iPhone.

In addition, as we see in 9to5Mac, the company would also work on a new service dubbed “Special Reservation” that would allow Apple Watch buyers to book a personalized appointment to test different cases and straps in the store before completing the purchase. As we know, the smartwatch will hit the market next April, being launched simultaneously in several countries around the world.