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The trends that rocked TikTok this week

The trends that rocked TikTok this week

Angelica is the ambassador of the fifth edition

Presenter Angélica will be the ambassador for the fifth edition of the Baby Hipoglós Amêndoas Selection 2011. Mother of two, Luciano Huck’s wife will also be the brand’s poster girl until the second half of 2012.

Gray is the agency responsible for the entire creation of the selection’s digital platform. To invite mothers and babies for the selection, a campaign was produced that includes print and digital media and two advertising films.

This year, the contest will have four phases and registration is open until October 29. On the 30th, all registered small competitors will be judged and only 20 will move on to the next phase. The choice will be made by internet users on the site and a P&G Judging Committee, with each nucleus responsible for ten choices. The result of that vote will be revealed on November 18.

With that, the 20 finalists will be put to popular vote. On December 4th, Baby Hipoglós Amêndoas 2011 will be announced. The little one, in addition to being elected the #1 Baby in Brazil, will earn 10,000 reais in cash and will be the star of the next Hipoglós Amêndoas campaign.