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The trial against Rojadirecta starts accusing him of winning “1 or 2 million” from the bookmakers

The trial against Rojadirecta starts accusing him of winning “1 or 2 million” from the bookmakers

Anyone who likes sports, but especially soccer, and is a regular user of the Internet, surely the site sounds familiar. Direct red. A website created by a young Galician businessman that offered links to streaming content to watch football for free over the Internet. Undoubtedly, a site frequented by millions of users and that certainly did not go down well with the companies that had made the effort to get hold of them. soccer television rights.

This has meant that Rojadirecta has had to face multiple obstacles and complaints due to its activity on the Internet that it has been avoiding as best it could. Domain changes, closure orders and legal notices when going to the web, are some of the situations experienced by the popular site during the entire period that it tried to fight for the Crimes against intellectual property of which he was accused and persecuted.

On several occasions, a deadline was established for it to stop broadcasting sporting events whose broadcasting rights were in the hands of other companies, but finally, last year justice forced the portal to remove the links to football matches whose television rights were owned by MediaPro and Gol TV.

However, the promoter of Rojadirecta has always defended itself by stating that the links published on the web came from sources other than Rojadirecta, which only acted as a simple intermediary.

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Now, all this has begun to be questioned in A Coruña, which is where The trial has begun that faces the managers and those responsible behind Rojadirecta and MediaPro, the company that held the television rights to soccer at the time. Therefore, the trial is underway and the time has come for Rojadirecta to sit on the bench. Something that you will also have to do twice, since in the coming weeks you will have to do the same in another view where you will have to see the faces with DTS, the distributor of what was Canal +.

During this first viewing, MediaPro rejects that Rojadirecta acted as a mere intermediary of diffusion of online sporting events on its website, as its owner argues denying any responsibility, alleges that it has violated the Audiovisual Communication Law and accuses it of having profited from the bookmakers.

Anyone who has followed an event from Rojadirecta, could see how during the transmission different betting house websites were opened, an activity that according to the televisions that have sat Rojadirecta on the bench, was the great business of the portal and hence they have also brought before the courts to the company Port 80 Projects which was the management company.

The accountant of this company has acknowledged that the total income of the company came from the bookmakers through a type of participation, which involved between one and two million euros per year and also that the accounts have not been presented in the Mercantile Registry.

The start of the trial comes at a time when the site rojadirecta.me is temporarily out of service from Spain, although the truth is that the sites under the name rojadirecta se have multiplied lately.

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