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The Yahoo hack affected all their user accounts

The Yahoo hack affected all their user accounts

Yahoo doesn’t stop lying, and if not, at least it is the impression it gives in regards to its security flaws.

In 2013, Yahoo suffered an attack whereby 3 billion user accounts were exposed However, this information has been disclosed now because before, and only three years after what happened, the figure provided was much lower.

No one escaped the hack suffered by Yahoo

The massive data breach that Yahoo suffered in August 2013 affected the three billion user accounts of the company that were active at that time. This is revealed in the press release recently issued by the Verizon company, Yahoo’s parent company since it took over at the beginning of the year. However, the truth is that the number of affected has been increasing over time until reaching the total.

When the problem came to light, and it was not until three years after the events, in 2016, the first figures spoke of 500 million affected accounts. Shortly after, Yahoo claimed that the hack affected 1 billion accounts, that is, a third of the total number of accounts in existence at the time. And now, more than four years after the fact, it is Verizon that confirms that, thanks to the new technology available and the investigative work carried out “with the help of external forensic experts”, the attack was much more serious as it affected all Yahoo accounts in 2013.

Let us remember that the information that was exposed consisted of names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, passwords as well as security questions and answers both encrypted and unencrypted. Regarding data such as bank accounts or information on credit and / or debit cards, it is not yet entirely clear whether they were exposed or not.

Meanwhile, Verizon says the Yahoo team continues to take significant steps to improve security. How to trust !?