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There is also an iPad? Tablet from Apple

There is also an iPad? Tablet from Apple

The rumors turned out to be true. On today’s Apple keynote, which is currently taking place in San Francisco, Steve Jobs himself showed us a new mobile device – a multimedia tablet called the iPad.

The specification looks promising. The device is equipped with a touch display with a diagonal of 9.6 inches with multi touch support. As Steve assures, the display is of very good quality and provides a perfect image from all angles. On board the iPad we find a WLAN module operating in 82.11n technology, bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, accelerometer, compass, built-in speaker and microphone. The iPad can be synchronized using the standard, well-known 30-pin dock connector. According to the assurances, the built-in link will allow up to 10 hours of using the tablet. Its heart is an Apple A4 processor clocked at 1 gigahertz. Interestingly, the iPad is to withstand up to 10 hours of watching a movie in HD. The device is fully ecological. It is produced without the use of poisonous materials and chemicals that can be found in competing IT equipment – arsenic, BFR, mercury or PVC. In addition, the device is to be fully recyclable.

iPad to run on the basis of the iPhone OS software. As one of the foreign websites reports, it will probably be 4.0 software that has already been detected. Interestingly, the Apple development site has been closed and is undergoing an update. So we can most likely expect a new SDK and a new version of iTunes.

The iPad will be equipped with several versions of memory from 16 to 64 gigabytes.

It is interesting to introduce the service of purchasing electronic versions of books and daily newspapers. The Apple tablet is to be a serious threat to the Amazon e-reader.

The biggest unknown is the support for applications currently running on the iPhone OS. After all, the screen resolution of the iPhone compared to the iPad is significantly different. Until the application is optimized for the new device, on the iPad, the applications currently available in the AppStore will be displayed on the tablet in the resolution of the iPhone.

Over time, however, all applications are to be adapted to full-screen operation on the iPad.

Initially, an iPad with internet connectivity only will be available. With time, however, a device is to appear also equipped with a UMTS network module.

The device will be available in the AT&T network. Americans will be able to purchase the device in two variants. With a limited data package of 250 megabytes for $ 14.99 per month, or for 29.99 & with unlimited access to network resources. Under the contract, users have free access to hotspots. Interestingly, the device will be without a SIMLOCK lock. For dessert, I would like to add that the contract will not be limited in time.

How much will you have to pay for this boon? It is strange, because it is not so much. The cheapest version will be available in …

The full price list is presented below.

If you are already launching to the stores, we have to cool down your enthusiasm. The iPad with Wifi will only be on sale in 60 days, i.e. on March 10. Unfortunately, you will have to wait up to 3 months for the versions with the mobile network module.