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These are Capcom’s best-selling titles

These are Capcom’s best-selling titles

Capcom has updated its list of games sold in one million copies to include nearly a hundred programs.

Capcom is a fairly old company since it was founded nearly forty years ago, on a beautiful day in May 1979. So it’s no wonder they have over a hundred games, and 94 of that crowd can boast of selling more than a million copies. Capcom keeps these programs on the Platinum Titles list, which it recently updated.

At the forefront is Monster Hunter: World, of which almost twice as much (14.9 million) was sold as Resident Evil 5 (7.6 million) in second place. The third and fourth places also belong to the zombie horror game series, as they were occupied by the sixth (7.4 million) and seventh parts. The latter is only entitled to the pacsi because he is at a disadvantage for several years, but with his modest 7 million copies sold, he has already come close to his two younger brothers.

Fifth place was taken by a ’92 classic, Street Fighter 2, with 6.3 million units sold, and a sixth-place remake of Resident Evil 2 climbed 5.8 million, forcing the original to 4.96. sold Resident Evil 2 in millions of copies. The last three places in the top 10 are occupied by Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (4.9 million), Monster Hunter Generations (4.3 million) and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (4.2 million).

You can see the full list of 94 items by clicking here.

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