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This is the new chainless bicycle with automatic transmission

This is the new chainless bicycle with automatic transmission

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”Arthur C. Clarke. View ad Eurobike, the change of the new bicycle CeramicSpeed Replaces the chain and derailleur with a crankshaft and ceramic bearings. A device that would significantly reduce friction compared to the best chain change systems.

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Bicycles have been around for a couple of centuries, and they have changed a lot in their appearance since then but little in what it has to do with the drivetrain, until now, because if the invention of the company CeramicSpeed Bears fruit, we could see a revolution.

The product in question is called CeramicSpeed ​​Driven, and it is neither more nor less than one new transmission for bicycles, this time without chains. The concept of the new bicycle without chain it is based on a cardan, with only four contact points, each of which rotates on ceramic ball bearings. Two between the teeth of the crown and the rotating shaft in carbon fiber, and the other two where the shaft transfers the rotation torque to the 13-speed flat pinion of the rear wheel.

This is the new chainless bicycle with automatic transmissions

In this way, according to its creators, it is possible to reduce friction and breakage, increasing pedaling efficiency. This translates into a simple concept: more speed with less effort. The look reduces friction by almost 50% compared to the Shimano transmission system, the universal and most used in all types of bicycles around the world.

Of course, CeramicSpeed ​​Driven has a fairly obvious limitation: it’s designed to work on road bikes, not mountains or mixed routes. We will see if in the future there will be some sort of solution that brings this transmission to all types of bicycles.