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This is the world’s first whiskey created by artificial intelligence

This is the world’s first whiskey created by artificial intelligence

The Swedish Distillery Mackmyra Whiskey, founded in 1999, has decided to innovate in an industry whose techniques are already a thousand years old. And is that the whiskey making it requires a slow and careful process that, however, supports 21st century innovation.

Mackmyra Whiskey with Fourkind, a Finnish technology consultancy, and Microsoft, have created the World’s first whiskey developed with artificial intelligence (HE). «This is the first time a complex consumer product recipe has been created with machine learning»Informs the distillery.

This new technology has been used to augment and automate the whiskey creation process, which is the most time consuming. The key to this innovation lies in the charred wood barrels in which the precious alcohol is stored, as they are key when it comes to giving each blend a unique flavor once it is distilled.

The aroma, flavor and color of the whiskey is the result of at least three years of aging in wooden barrels. This maturation phase is vital for its characteristic color, aroma and flavor. And that is where AI plays its role.

Mackmyra has opted for AI to help industry professionals, who have always selected the different mixes of ingredients and barrels to create infinite flavor combinations.

Now, as Microsoft explains, the “machine learning” models applied to the distillery, powered by the company’s cloud platform and Azure cognitive services, are fed by existing Mackmyra recipes, sales figures and customer preferences. «With this data set, lAI can generate more than 70 million recipes that it predicts will be popular and of the highest quality, depending on the type of barrels in the warehouse, “says the technology company.

In this way, not only is greater speed achieved “but, thanks to the algorithm’s ability to examine and calculate a large amount of information, new combinations can be found that otherwise would never have been considered.” Microsoft clarifies that this AI solution is not designed to replace a Master Distiller.

“The work of a Master Blender is not in danger,” says Angela D’Orazio, Mackmyra Master Distiller. “Although the whiskey recipe is created by AI,” he continues, “the experience and knowledge of people is key, especially the human sensory part, which can never be replaced by any program. We are in favor of whiskey being generated by AI, but matured by humans and, in any case, the decision will always be made by one person »

It won’t be until fall 2019 when Mackmyra AI-generated whiskey goes on sale.

It is just one more step of this technology, which is increasingly applied in different industries. “I imagine artificial intelligence systems will generate recipes for sweets, perfumes, drinks and even sneaker designs. Many of them have already been tried to implement, but large-scale adoption still has a way to go, “he says. Jarno cartel, Machine Learning Partner of Fourkind, the company behind the AI ​​algorithm.

“We have shown the way forward, and these new artificial intelligence solutions can be used to generate products that preserve the spirit, image and perception of the brands behind them, while at the same time being innovative and unique options” Kartela concludes.