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Throttle, the tool to control spam that reaches your email

Throttle, the tool to control spam that reaches your email

For one thing or another, but somehow everyone ends subscribed to the newsletter of various Internet sites to be aware of the news of the site, news that they publish or offers that they make on their products. A mechanism that allows us to receive this type of information by email without worrying about visiting these pages every day.

However, they are one more claim for those people who use them with bad intentions, hence, right off the bat, let’s see how we are bombarded with emails from sites to which someone has decided to sell our data or messages from spam.

A fact that undoubtedly makes us want to re-subscribe to this service from anywhere else. But I’m can start to change as it is available the final version of Throttle, an extension for our browser that aims to give us back control of everything that reaches our email inbox.

It is an extension that takes a while available in beta version or trial and that you can now install in your browser in its final version. Once installed and we have registered for the service, its operation is very simple since we can start subscribing to our favorite newsletters with the email that the service generates and that later it will be in charge of forwarding the messages to our personal email address.

Therefore, every time we want to subscribe to a new newsletter, we will have to provide the email account created by Throttle, where all emails generated by these sites will be received and subsequently we can manage so that they reach us when and how we want to our email address.

Throttle allows schedule what time we want to receive our newsletter so that they do not interfere with our work, in addition to helping us keep everything organized, we can divide incoming messages into different categories such as social, technology, sport, current affairs, etc. The service has several plans such as the free one with limited newsletters, another for 4 dollars per month with limited subscriptions or the pro plan that for 8 dollars per month adds support for sending attachments and replies from the same alias.

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