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Thrustmaster T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Accessories for gaming, all nice and nice, but there is a lot of choice, the prices differ, as well as the quality between the different gear. At GamersNET we are slowly picking up game gear and today it is time for a racing wheel including pedals. It is the Thrustmaster T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel, compatible with the PlayStation 3 and PC. This should be great for racing games and you can read our review in this article.

Tested with: Gran Turismo 6 and F1 2013

Force Feedback

It’s already in the name of this accessory: Force Feedback. The average racing wheel does not have this feature and that is often reflected in the price. That is why the price of the Thrustmaster T100 Racing Wheel is already slightly higher, due to the force feedback. For an average of 99.99 euros you get a well-packaged device, which can be found in a cardboard box. The necessary information is listed on the box and when you remove the steering wheel and pedals, you immediately feel solidity. The parts feel qualitative, they are not too light and seem to be made of good material. The base of the pedals has rubber squares all around the bottom to provide grip. The T100 already does that well, because during intensive racing the pedestal simply remains in place.

However, fixing the handlebars is always a struggle and here in the office we don’t really have a suitable table for that. It has a support that you tighten with a ***** at the bottom of the table. Above the table, the support of the wheel curves forward. Sturdy, but you have to have the right table with it. The racing wheel itself has the necessary buttons, including a D-pad, four buttons on the right (PlayStation logos), two levers to switch, four buttons in the curve of the wheel and a Start and Select button. Easy to operate, although selecting a mode or a race, for example, is not always done with the X button, but with the accelerator pedal. Slightly confusing. In addition, you can connect the Thrustmaster T100 to the wall socket and a USB cable to your PlayStation 3 or PC. This works immediately, because the console or PC immediately recognizes the T100 and the steering wheel ‘calibrates’ itself when starting a game. You don’t have to set up much yourself before you want to start gaming, although you can.

The most promising feature is of course the aforementioned force feedback. During racing, the steering wheel gives resistance, as it should work in real life. I played two games during my test round, F1 2013 and Gran Turismo 6. I found the feedback somewhat disappointing for the first title. I didn’t feel enough resistance in my opinion and although this feature takes some getting used to, it can also be very useful. This was also the case with Gran Turismo 6, where the force feedback is strongly present. It may be the perfect game to use the Thrustmaster T100 with. You can feel the smallest bumps on the road surface with this device and if your car starts to skid or sway, hold on tight.

It’s a really great feeling when you have to control your car and you are fighting with your steering wheel. Of course I tested this by also deliberately pulling the handlebars where it was not necessary. Hanging on a handlebar like an idiot is nice, but it doesn’t give you the profit. You will notice an essential difference with a controller, which makes gaming easier. Because of the resistance and a game like Gran Turismo 6 you are fighting for your place and that is a greater pleasure for real racing fanatics with a racing wheel. The steering wheel feels solid and nice, but the pedals could have been given a little more attention. The pedals are probably intended to be used with a racing seat, but they do not come into their own in a regular seat. In my opinion, you can press them too far, so that your foot is not in a pleasant position when fully accelerating. Your feet are too stretched when accelerating or braking.


The Thrustmaster T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is an excellent piece of game gear. It all feels solid, it is easy to use, the pedestal of the pedals has more than enough grip and the handlebars are very nice. The important force feedback feature is also a welcome addition to this racing wheel. Especially with Gran Turismo 6 I am very pleased with the feature, where it feels realistic and offers considerable resistance. That’s a really good extra. However, confirming racing wheels is always difficult and with the wrong table this remains difficult. You can also tinker with the pedals, because you can press them too far, which means that your foot is very stretched. Above all, the Thrustmaster T100 is a great game gear, it contains enough buttons, simple settings and your console or PC recognizes the T100 immediately. For many gamers, a small hundred euros is a lot of money, but racing fanatics will find such gear a good addition.

Price: on average 99.99 euros.