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Tips to disconnect from the mobile: so we can do a digital “detox”

Tips to disconnect from the mobile: so we can do a digital “detox”

It has passed quickly and without realizing it, but the mobile is one more extension of our body. Its use, excessive and prolonged in many cases, extends to all generations of society. It is an indispensable element that, however, can lead to disorders such as addiction.

It is essential, experts have told this newspaper on previous occasions, to get rid of its use a little. An objective that has led technology companies to introduce functions to know the time that people dedicate themselves to be aware of the mobile device, either for personal or work reasons. What’s more, there are countries like France that have begun to regulate a right to disconnect due to the high stress it causes.

There are reasons to do so, but also, at least, to reflect on whether it is necessary to be constantly with the “smartphone” in hand. It’s worth it? Could we do other things instead of being aware? The good use of leisure time, especially at parties and vacations, It is essential to “clean up” the relationship between the person and the mobile.

According to a study carried out by Rastreator, 1 in 4 Spaniards between 18 and 65 years old (7.6 million) is addicted to mobile phones, while 80% use it continuously, between 2.5 and 4 hours a day. The scenario speaks for itself: 96.8% of these young people have used services such as WhatsApp as a preferred channel when communicating in 2018, according to the study “Digital Society in Spain 2018” prepared by the Fundación Telefónica. A figure that is slightly reduced globally: 95.1% of Spaniards prefer to use this type of platform.

Better manage notifications

It is possible, first of all, to pay attention to terrible notifications. An item that causes great stress. IMF Business School considers it important to disconnect from the mobile: «No notifications with vibration, light or pop-up windows, this will help us to consult the mobile less. If for work reasons we must stay connected, in that case we will only activate the notifications of those applications that are essential to fulfill our obligations “, they point out.

Avoid using it as an alarm clock

For the experts at Certideal, a platform for the sale of refurbished phones, they believe that it is important to sleep away from the mobile phone because it arouses interest and can cause a reduction in sleep hours: «Using our smartphone as an alarm clock inevitably leads us to consult it when we take it. Therefore, it is better to turn it off completely when we go to bed, “they add.

Walking away physically at times

In fact, it is important to physically distance yourself from the terminal if possible, to choose a “space” to think freely. «It will allow us to separate ourselves from him physically, with the peace of mind of knowing where he is. But, be careful, this space is not your room since we will have the temptation to look at it before sleeping and when waking up», Add the same sources, who coincide with IMF:« We do not need to be glued to the mobile to show how much we like it. Not carrying it will help us to fall in the temptation of constantly checking if we have a message, like or comment. We can start putting it into practice while we eat.

Clean up apps

The number of applications used on average in Spain is eleven. A small amount that is a tiny part of the services that, in reality, one has installed on your device. Most, indeed, they are hardly used so it is even advisable to eliminate them. If you don’t use it, put it in the trash. We are not referring to the mobile phone, but to those dozens of apps that we have installed on our mobile and that we do not use, but that make us curious to look at the mobile when we see or hear that something has come to us. Eliminating them will reduce the desire to see if we have something unchecked», Add sources from IMF.

Control the time you spend

In the heat of this growing demand, technology companies such as Apple or Google have incorporated functions to check the time of use of mobile phones in the latest updates to their operating systems. An interesting decision that can help users be more cautious when taking it. “Most of the time we spend using applications and, if you stop to think, many of them are totally unnecessary”, they add from Certideal. “We can also install applications that limit the time of use of our networks, which will make us aware of the time we dedicate to them ”, they suggest.

Radical solution: airplane mode

Other recommendations can be to activate either the airplane mode or the night mode if it is available on the mobile. «It is very useful to overcome dependency on our devices since it prevents any notification from entering. In this way, we will consult our telephone number whenever we want and not immediately when we receive a notice. If this step seems too much, you can prepare before deactivating notifications or leaving the mobile in silence, “they recommend.