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Tomb Raider: Lara Croft has evolved like this in video games

Tomb Raider: Lara Croft has evolved like this in video games

This year is Lara Croft’s 20th anniversary. And to commemorate those twenty years of adventures in the strangest and most dangerous temples, we have decided to take a tour of all their titles. From the first in 1996, until the last renewal of the heroine, and its sequel in 2015. These twenty years have not passed in vain for anyone, much less for Lara Croft, who started as a femme fatale, and has evolved until to become the heroine that she is today, an icon of strength, courage and intelligence.

Tomb Raider-1996: in her first adventure, Lara is hired by the Natla Technologies organization to recover the Scion, a piece that can solve the mystery of the lost continent of Atlantis. This game was one of the first titles for the 32-bit generation to appear in three dimensions. It was developed by Core Design and distributed by Eidos Interactive.

Tomb Raider II-1997: This time the game focused more on Lara as an action hero than as an archaeologist. Reason why its creator, Toby Gard, decided to abandon the project. However, the game enjoyed rave reviews and has become one of the best sellers.

Tomb Raider III-1998: in the third part of this saga, entitled The Adventures of Lara Croft, the archaeologist had to gather different artifacts created from a meteorite and that are scattered around the world.

Tomb Raider: The last revelation-1999: This title takes place for the most part in Egypt. This time, Lara will face the god Seth, while fleeing, at the same time, from a former mentor. This title was very innovative in terms of the mechanics it incorporated, since it allowed the player to swing on ropes that fell from the ceiling, or hide in the corners.

Tomb Raider: Chronicles-2000: after what happened in the previous game, this time the player will discover the different adventures that Lara Croft has experienced up to that date and that were unknown at the moment. The game is characterized by the new mechanics it offers, as well as greatly improved graphics and new weapons.

Tomb Rider: The Angel of Darkness-2003: this game meant the definitive leap between PlayStation and PlayStation 2, which meant a higher graphic quality. However, the game came out incomplete and riddled with errors, so it was not very well received.

Tomb Raider: Legend-2006: although published by Eidos Interactive, it is the first video game that has not been developed by Core Design. This game is the first in a trilogy that will continue with Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Underworld.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary-2007: Anniversary is a remake of Lara Croft’s first game, which serves to complete, along with Tomb Raider: Underworld, this trilogy.

Tomb Raider: Underworld-2008: the eighth game (or ninth if we consider the remake of Lara’s first adventure) by the archaeologist solves the doubts and unknowns that were left in Legend and Anniversary.

Tomb Raider-2013: in 2013 Crystal Dinamics completely restarts the Lara Croft saga, and takes us to Yamatai, where we will learn about Lara’s origins, presenting the most human side of the archaeologist. That, like anyone else, feels fear, pain …

Rise of the Tomb Raider-2015: so far, it is the last installment of the saga. In this sequel, Lara leaves Yamatai to move to frozen Siberia. Lara must fight against La Trinidad, a secret organization that seeks immortality through La Fuente Divina.