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TOP 5 tablet manufacturers in 2020

TOP 5 tablet manufacturers in 2020

Check which manufacturers dominated the tablet market in 2020 – of course, Apple is still the undisputed leader with its iPads.

Among the products Apple unveiled at the Spring Loaded event last week was the new iPad Pro with an M1 processor. Having refreshed both the entry-level iPad and the iPad Air, which were hugely successful in the fall of 2020, the next logical step is surely to upgrade to a high-end model aimed at professionals.

The premieres of the new iPad and iPad Air in September and October, respectively, helped Apple achieve a good end to last year, selling 19 million tablets in the last three months of 2020 alone, representing an impressive market share of 36.5 percent. According to IDC estimates, looking at the entire past year, Apple has delivered 53.2 million iPads. That’s more than a total of 47.3 million devices supplied by the company’s two largest competitors – Samsung and Huawei.

With many people working or studying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the tablet market saw spikes in 2020. This could present an opportunity for manufacturers after tablets have suffered from the rise in the number of smartphones in recent years.

Ranking of the 5 most popular tablet manufacturers in the world in 2020 (in million units)

2019 2020
Apple 49.9 million 53.2 million
Samsung 21.7 million 31.3 million
Huawei 14.8 million 16.0 million
Amazon 13.0 million 14.0 million
Lenovo 8.5 million 14.1 million

source: IDC | Statesman