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Travel industry relies on online communication

Travel industry relies on online communication

After the end of the economic and financial crisis in Germany, the travel industry is looking positively into 2011. According to top managers in the industry, the sustained recovery of the market will also be reflected in the planned marketing activities: According to a recent survey, 80 percent of 500 decision-makers are going of the industry assumes that the travel industry will invest more heavily in marketing again.

However, the marketing strategies will continue to change, as the survey by the market research and consulting company Trendscope on behalf of the Travel Industry Club showed. 84 percent of those questioned would have been of the opinion that the marketing expenditure of tourism companies in 2011 will increasingly migrate from print to online media. Good prospects are also forecast for the widely controversial Internet service Google Street View. According to the experts, this has a very good chance of establishing itself as a marketing tool for tourist destinations. In this way, the journey can begin virtually before the holiday. For 96 percent of the decision-makers it is also clear that online sales for vacation travel will continue to grow.

According to the survey, social networking in particular is becoming increasingly important for the travel industry. Almost three quarters of those surveyed considered Facebook to be an indispensable marketing and sales channel for the tourism industry in the future. People would already be carrying the new competitors to conventional sales channels with them: 93 percent of the managers surveyed expected that the importance of smartphones as a sales and marketing channel for the travel industry will increase in the coming year. 91 percent predicted that the number of travel agencies will continue to decline in 2011. At the same time, 56 percent also assumed that travel agencies would prevail in various segments against online competition on the Internet.