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Triada, the new Trojan that takes control of your Android mobile

Triada, the new Trojan that takes control of your Android mobile

Several studies conducted earlier this year have stated that in 2015 the distribution of malware and the number of attacks produced by different hacker groups increased considerably. This is a really worrisome fact for users of all kinds of connected devices that each day seem to have their personal data more at risk.

2016 does not seem to start off on the right foot in this regard, since as announced by the security company Kaspersky, a new malware has been discovered that is created by quite professional cybercriminals and that aims to stay on devices with an operating system Android.

This particular Trojan, which has been baptized with the name of Triad is mainly reaching devices with Android operating system that have a version 4.4.4 or lower and it goes straight to the brain of smartphones. That is, if Triada manages to infect a terminal, it has the ability to get superuser rights on that device and therefore you can install the apps you want on the phone without the knowledge or consent of the user.

This type of malware spreads through some applications that users download and install on their mobile phones from untrusted sources, others that may be available in the own Google Play Store, posing as an attractive game or entertainment application when in reality it is malware or even in some app updates that could be pre-installed on the mobile.

Therefore, Triada could reach our devices almost from anywhere, but the most dangerous thing is undoubtedly the ability to use root privileges on our terminal, since in this way it has the control of the mobile.

This type of mobile Trojans, of which there are 11 known families, are usually organized creating a kind of botnet that agents can use to install different adware. But unfortunately that is not all, since after obtaining root privileges in the terminal, these Trojans download and install a backdoor which allows them to download, install and run any application on the infected phone.

At the moment, according to Kaspersky data, this Triada Trojan is mainly affecting users in Russia, India and Ukraine although its rapid spread can affect devices anywhere in the world.

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